Evan is a very attractive, 7 year old gelding.
He is big bodied and 17 h.h.
He knows basic dressage.
Evan puts his whole heart into his work!
He is suitable as an all-around horse,
for hunter paces or as a field hunter.


Carlton is a 9 year old, crossbred gelding.
He is 16.1 h.h.
He has three excellent gaits.
He is very intelligent with a big personality!
Carlton shows talent and expression for dressage
and could excel in any sporthorse discipline.


Plumstead is a 4 year old crossbred gelding.
He is 16.3 h.h. and should mature to 17 - 17.1 h.h.
He has a fantastically quiet temperament.
Plumstead is wise beyond his years!
He has three terrific gaits and the talent to be
a top dressage horse.
He floats when he moves and is extremely comfortable.
He is lovely and quiet cross country.



Montague is a big, sweet, 4 year old, crossbred gelding.
He is 16.3 h.h. and will mature to 17.2+ h.h.
Montague is extremely well balanced.
Light on his feet, he could excel in dressage.
Eventing, field hunting and hunter paces
would all be fun with Montague!

There are other wonderful horses available!
Do give us a call or send an email,
or just check back again - for updates!

Thank you!
Steph and Tracey
Chestnut Tree Farm
(908) 735-4110

SPORTHORSES OF CHESTNUT TREE FARM  Come and find a lifelong friend.

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   We have between 30 and 40 horses on our farm at any given time,  at various stages of training.
All the horses are started in basic dressage and
their talents are carefully developed.

    The purchase prices range from $8,000 to $25,000 depending upon the individual horse's talent and level of training.  

We offer training packages for people who wish to keep their new horse with us for a month or two following purchase, 
for added comfort before bringing him home.   

We are always happy to help with any of our horses, and to
offer follow-up support and training.

 Here are a few of the horses offered for sale, right now:


Wentworth is a 10 year old crossbred gelding.
He is 17.1 h.h.
This is a very sweet fellow!
He has significant jumping talent
and knows basic dressage.
Wentworth is very good cross country and would be
great as a field hunter, event horse, or jumper.

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