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Fun Exercises That Will Shake Up Your Fitness Routine

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When most people think of exercise, they think of hard work, sweat, and monotony. It doesn’t have to be this way! The key to making your fitness plan work is to make it more stimulating and fun. Here are some fun exercises that are guaranteed to change how you feel about your fitness routine:

1. Walk in a new neighborhood

If you only walk in your own neighborhood, you’re eventually going to get bored. Why not pick a nearby neighborhood you’ve never explored and do your walking routine there? Your exercise time will fly by as you admire the houses and dogs you see on your daily walk. This is a refreshing and fun way to renew your enthusiasm for walking.

2. Dance to a different tune

Did you know high energy dancing to rock and roll music burns up to 400 calories per hour? Why not get your favorite rock album with high energy songs and dance for 30 minutes? This will be such a fun exercise that you’ll forget you’re burning calories.

3. Plan a walking tour through your city

Has it been awhile since you explored all that your city’s downtown has to offer? Plan an hour walking tour through your downtown area that takes you past museums, galleries, boutiques, and other interesting shopping areas. Keep up the pace but make note of any sites you want to visit in the future. After your workout, stop for a leisurely coffee or tea drink as your reward for exercising.

4. Bring along your dog or a child

Dogs and children love to exercise and explore. Bring them along on some of your fast walks to motivate and entertain you. This is a great way to relieve exercise monotony.

5. Go to a skating rink

Surprisingly enough, roller skating can burn over 400 calories per hour plus you’re developing your sense of balance. Just stay away from the snack bar at the roller skating rink. These establishments aren’t known for having healthy food.

6. Sign up for an exercise class

There’s something uplifting and highly motivating about exercising in a group. Why not get a list of fitness classes offered in your area and try a new one every few weeks. Who knows you might discover one you want to participate in long term. The variety of exercise classes offered these days is quite extensive, so you’ll have lots of fun exercise choices. Please check http://brabl├ąpiller.com/ for various options to bring more vigor to your everyday life, as well as enhance the experience with your partner.

7. Discover the fitness power of toys

Do you want to tone your abdominals and burn calories at the same time? Learn how to use a hula hoop. Exercising with a hula hoop can be a challenge and you’ll burn lots of calories and have fun while learning. How about jumping on a trampoline? It may surprise you to learn that jumping on a trampoline actually burns more calories than jogging in most cases. Plus, it’s a super fun exercise.

Now that you know the variety of fun exercises available to you, don’t settle for a boring fitness routine. Do something you enjoy and it’ll never seem like exercise again.