SPORTHORSES OF CHESTNUT TREE FARM  Come and find a lifelong friend.

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HOME at Chestnut Tree Farm


 ...and thank you for visiting us!

Here at Chestnut Tree Farm we raise and train
very special sporthorses!  

We breed American warmbloods and draft crosses,
renowned for their wonderful dispositions.

We also raise some European warmbloods.

Our horses excel in dressage,
jumping, eventing, foxhunting and hunter paces. 
They also make wonderful family horses, because of their
calm and friendly temperaments.

We train all of our horses according to
classical dressage principles.


We start them carefully over jumps,
and ride them over all kinds of cross-country terrain.  

They are well prepared for whatever they are asked to do,
whether it be performing a beautiful dressage test,
turning in a perfect jumping round,
or simply giving their new owner a lovely outing through the woods.


Some people like to have a horse
with a great sense of humor!


      We offer training of the rider in the classical tradition.
Further training, instruction and support is available for people
who purchase our horses and wish to continue with us.

We take in a number of outside horses for training, as well.

We are dedicated to creating
 the perfect match of horse and owner.

We believe that the bond between horse and rider
can and should be magical!

Contact us:
Chestnut Tree Farm
(908) 735-4110

We look forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,
Steph and Tracey

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